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When Steampunk Lighting Gives You a Cotton Gin-Sized Boner


Election parties, tequila and allergy headaches DO NOT mix.

I have no idea what year it is, let alone what day.

Did Kennedy end up winning last night?

While I try to discern what planet I’m on, the best post I can write today is one about how I love lamp.

Sometimes I even love more than one lamp.

Particularly old-timey ones.

You know, that steampunk shit you see popping up in the 1920s Parisian-themed bathrooms of the new gastropubs in town?

Ohhhh man, do I get a cotton gin-sized boner for this stuff.

Check out some neat-o lighting I found for sale, including discounted fixtures at the Scoutmob Shoppe and some neat-o objects made by Geoff’s uncle up in Dallas.

I want to buy them alllllllll and make my house look like Nikola Tesla’s lab.