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Is It Possible to Turn Into Crazy Cat Lady When You Don’t Have Any Cats?

Duuuuude, I’ve been sick.

Like, non-sexy Barry White sick.

The pros of having a husky voice have been Godzilla’d on by my ridiculous wheeze and old man shuffling around the house.

I feel like poop and I want to write very little other than, “I FEEL LIKE POOP!” over and over.

I try to break up my days by checking out the seven feral kittens that hang out in my neighbor’s yard.

I like to squat down behind the fence and try to coax the baby kitties to come near me. My neighbor doesn’t know she has baby kitties in her yard and I’m waiting for the day when she comes out and sees me creeping around her yard with a shit-eating grin on my face. Wouldn’t be an uncommon thing to see in East Austin.

Needless to say, the baby feral kitties won’t come near me and I leave feeling dejected. Thanks for making me MORE sick, fucking kittens.

Is it possible to turn into the Crazy Cat Lady when you don’t even have any cats?

Geoff and I are going to offer to help catch and neuter/spade (more…)