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How to Make the Best Kickstarter Campaign There Ever Was

Last year I co-wrote and co-produced a film called Loves Her Gun.

Hallelujahohmygod, the film is finally finished minus a few sound and color correct tweaks.

Making a movie is both an exhilarating and diarrhea-inducing experience. Everything from writing the script, shooting the film, editing and submitting to festivals is one giant roller coaster of hair loss, laughter, tears and wide-eyed stares.

Geoff and I are currently creating an Indieagogo campaign for post-production costs because we loooooove asking people for money. LOVE IT! There is nothing better than sharing the living shit out of our crowdfuding page asking people to donate to our poor asses. Nothing. It makes us feel the opposite of desperate.

Wanting to make the BEST CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN THERE EVER WAS, I researched articles that recommend the best steps in earning your friends’ dough.

Articles will tell you that these steps are most important when creating a crowdfunding page:

1.) Set your goal at $10,000 (more…)