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Bohemian Chic and Armpit Fat

Here is one more photo from the Rachel Roy shoot I did this SXSW. This picture cracks me up because I look like I see God sitting somewhere on a grassy knoll off I-35 (we shot this near Franklin’s BBQ). I also think they airbrushed my armpit fat. Yay! I loved the dress I was wearing. It’s called the The Laurel Halter Dress $139 and is such a pretty shade of blue.



Rachel Roy SXSW Street Style

During SXSW I was invited to partake in a Rachel Roy photo shoot with other creatives in Austin. I was slightly familiar with the brand, but by the end of the shoot, I fell in love! Roy’s clothing is not only unique, colorful and beautiful, but super comfy too! I got to meet so many wonderful ladies and gentlemen from NYC, Austin and Houston and made some terrific new friends!

Below is the SXSW Street Style shoot we did. We also shot a fun summer collection pictorial that should be available through the mailing list soon at!

In my photo, I joked about doing the classic Lookbook stance of pigeon-toeing yourself. Looks like they chose that photo! Maybe there is something to the pigeon toe stance after all!

I’m wearing the Angel Dress $129. Femme, charming and has pockets to boot! I also got to include my Great Aunt Stella’s 90 year-old locket in my outfit.