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In.gredients: America’s First Zero-Waste, Zero-Packaging Grocery Store (pictures)

We all know Austin is cool.

In fact, Austin was recently named the fastest growing city in America again (I think I’m going to design a t-shirt that says, “I moved to Austin before it was cool to move to Austin”).

There are a lot of big ideas coming out of this unique city and now Austin can add another innovative business to its growing list.

In.gredients is the nation’s first zero-packaging, zero-waste grocery store in America. Located in East Austin, In.gredients boasts a wide array of locally-sourced produce (which includes milk, meat and cheese), dry goods, condiments and cleaners for purchase.  The concept is simple: customers bring in their own containers and bags (containers are also available for a small fee), fill them up with desired products, weigh them, then pay for groceries at the front counter. No bulky packaging and no plastic bags.

In the days of excess eating and waste, In.gredients hopes to “minimize waste” while promoting “healthy sustainable lifestyles”.

What (more…)