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Hipstercrite is Lame

Lately I’ve been getting a lot more negative comments. Some on my blog and some on my column at CultureMap.

I knew this day would come and I told myself not to let it bother me. I take it as a sign that my work is reaching a broader audience, but it does sting a little considering people use harsh and less constructive language when leaving negative comments.

I came across one today on Get Off My Internets where a follower complained that I’m “super obsessed with my boyfriend”, that I’m “trying so hard to be relatable that I’m coming across as lame”, that I’m “flipping out about turning 30” and that I “overblow my life events to get more traffic-y posts”. Below that comment another person suggested that I talked about my boyfriend too much as well.

Though all these words hurt a little, it made me stop and think.

Maybe I do talk about my boyfriend a lot. For the first time in my life, I’m happy and in love. It’s gross when people talk about relationships too much, I agree, (more…)