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You Can’t Take a Picture of This; It’s Already Gone

Last Friday, I posted the picture of my grandparents seen below on my Hipstercrite Facebook page. The photo and the story behind it proved to be popular, so I decided to sift through old photographs of my family and post them here.

For reference, the photos include my grandfather and grandmother on my mother’s side, my father, my mother and I. My grandparents divorced in the 1960s and my grandfather died shortly thereafter. My parents divorced in the 1990s and I am their only child. I’m close to all of them and looking at these photos brings me both great joy and sadness that so much time has passed.

We’re all stuck in the past, so oblivious as to what’s to come…


 Grandma and Grandpa on their honeymoon, Lake Placid 1945

Grandma, age 19, 1945

 Grandpa during WWII, 1942?

 Grandpa’s work photo, shortly before he died, mid-1960s

Grandma in Mexico, early 1970s

Mom in Mexico, early 1970s

Grandma and Mom in Mexico, early 1970s

 Mom in New Orleans, mid-1970s

Dad, (more…)