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Hipstercrite Round-Up: Bitches Be Crazy Edition

  • (music) Did you know that Talking Heads has a new documentary called “Chronology” out? Yeah, neither did. That one kind of slipped under the rug. NPR gives you a first look at the new doc that chronnicles the band’s live performances from their early days playing at CBGB’s all the way up to the last time they played as a foursome at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. The film is available on Amazon for $19.99 (NPR All Songs Considered)
  • (music) All aboard the P.P. Love Letter (@Monbud came up with that one,  I’m not that funny)! R. Kelly has got himself a cruise ship. He’s going to sing to you on that cruise ship. Then he’s going to lock everyone in the closet. This premise sounds like the beginning of a snuff film. (A.V. Club)
  • (film) Ever wonder what the hell happened to Mike Myers? Well your fears of what he could have possibly been doing during that time of isolation is true: he’s making an Austin Powers musical. Goes to show that even comic geniuses run out of (more…)