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Reasons Why Austin is the Best Place Ever

austin, tx

I stopped reading Vice last year after I spotted an article titled “The Woman Who Trains Dogs to Have Sex with Humans” on my Facebook feed, so I haven’t actually read the infamous “Reasons Why Austin is the Worst Place Ever” article that wafted through the Internet last week.

I did, however, read many of the responses to the article and saw that people were quite upset by it. And understandably so. Even though I’m sure the article was pure clickbait, it’s always difficult to hear someone trash your hometown or the town you choose to call home.

As much as I don’t care for the city I grew up in (a small town in Central New York), it is my home and I get upset when anyone takes a giant, stinkin’ crap on it (which happens often). It’s where my family is from and where they chose to raise me.

No town is perfect, and Austin is certainly far from perfect.

I’m not blinded by the shining self-love that emits from this city, nor do I wear rose-colored glasses to shield it.

I’m not (more…)