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In-N-Out Burger is Headed to Austin Area. Who Cares?

photo by Terrapin Trail

When I lived in LA, one of the anomalies I couldn’t wrap my brain around are the ridiculous lines for In-N-Out Burger. Even in a jaded city like Los Angeles, the popularity of the In-N-Out has never waned.

Though I don’t particularly like or dislike In-N-Out Burger, I can tell you I had my certain times of ABSOLUTE HATE when as a personal assistant, I had to wait in the lunch line for an hour just to get a friggin’ cheeseburger and fries for my boss. Nothing feels more awesome than trying to maneuver with 75 other cars in a tiny-ass parking lot off of Sunset Boulevard.

But in case this something you enjoy, Austinites will now have the luxury to FREAK THE F out over In-N-Out Burger in Round Rock.

Eater announced today that reports of In-N-Out hiring a local planning firm to figure out zoning issues has surfaced. Though In-N-Out has not confirmed building a Central Texas location, this looks like good news for people who love it Animal-style in bed.

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