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What I’m Thankful For: Jeff Goldblum’s Hands, Magic Eraser & Denny’s

1.) I am thankful for Jeff Goldblum’s hands. Those hands touched my nose once. They also probably touched 4 million vaginas and the thought of 4 million vaginas touching my nose is scary, but I’m still thankful for his hands.

2.) I am thankful for David Bowie’s weird eye. I’m sure he’s thankful now, but when he got stabbed in the eye, he probably wasn’t thankful. In fact, he was probably screaming in pain and cursing life for being so cruel.

3.) I am thankful for Denny’s. When the real world gets to be too much and I’m tired of having to act like a concerned and responsible adult, I can crawl underneath the fiberglass booths and weep for the days of my childhood on the Moons Over My Hammy-stained carpets.

4.) I am thankful that Austin now has an H&M though I’m too terrified of the long lines to actually go in there.

5.) I am thankful for Mrs. Meyer’s Basil-scented hand soap. Sometimes when I have nothing better to do, I will take a bottle of this soap and (more…)

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How to Have a Hipster Thanksgiving 2011

Last year I wrote a guide on how to have a Hipster Thanksgiving. Reading over that guide, I kind of wish I could copy and paste it for this year’s post, but alas, I had to come up with something new. Last year’s guide talked about Amy Sedaris’ hosting book ‘I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence‘ and I pretty much just want to only write about that. That woman is the shit.

So it’s Thanksgiving. You’re young, you’re hip, you like making cool DIY projects and even though you’re not vegetarian you’d like to think of yourself as one in select conversations with select individuals that are vegetarian. This is a special time of year for you and you need to know how to prepare for it responsibly. Here are some hipsters tips and products that will enable you to do this.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Make Tin Can Lights for the Turkey Table-
I came across this idea one day on one of those DIY pictorial porn sites- you know, the ones where you look at beautiful pictures of things (more…)