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In Defense of the Hipster

My blog’s name is “Hipstercrite”.

I often write about hipsters for my website and others.

Those articles are often my most trafficked.

They’re also the ones that evoke the most wrath.

I can go off about our empathy-challenged Governor or how scared I am of the Republicans, but neither of these subjects compare to the flack I receive for writing about hipsters.

I recently wrote an article for CultureMap about the 10 Most Hipster-Inspired Restaurants, Food Trucks and Bars in Austin“.

It led to a slew of negative comments, though it’s currently one of the site’s most read articles.

My favorite comment being, “The worst part about hipsters is that they’ve led to the existence of Hipstercrite”.

People often comment on how much they dislike hipsters, how hipsters are ruining Austin, how smug hipsters are, etc.

I (not surprisingly) have people that simply won’t read me because of my writing moniker. They make sure to tell me this. They make sure to tell me how stupid (more…)


When Alternative Apparel Has a Sale, I’m Happy

One of my all-time favorite clothing brands is Alternative Apparel. Not only is the clothing line stylish and comfy, but socially conscious too (no forced labor, fair compensation, safe working conditions and they follow all environmental laws).

Some of my favorite articles of clothing have come from there. This is their Slummy Tee Dress:

Right now Alternative Apparel is having an additional 30% off their sale items (use the code: Spring). This is kind of awesome since their t-shirts alone range from $30-60, with many items being close to $100.

I bought the Annie Henley in White and Dawson Skirt in Black for $49 total including shipping (original price would have been $126).

Dawson Skirt

They have a lot of other great items on sale, but I was trying to control myself. Here are my must check out styles:

Looking Glass Maxi Dress, $98, now $41.99

Cara Dress, $78, now $24.49

Willow Sweater $58, now $20.99