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everything you need to know about freelancing and health insurance


Everything You Need to Know About Freelancing and Health Insurance


Health insurance.

One of the largest difficulties freelancers face.

Can I afford health insurance for myself? Which provider should I get? Do I qualify for Freelancer’s Union insurance? How high or low should my deductible be?  Should I get a HSA plan? Do I have to get health insurance before Obamacare goes into effect?

It’s a mental maze that can keep you up at night.

When I went freelance almost two years ago, I PROMISED myself I would get health insurance no matter what. And I did. A broker found me a Blue Cross and Blue Shield HSA (Health Savings Account) plan for $110/month with a high deductible and no co-pays. I knew it was essentially “catastrophic insurance”, but I was happy to at least have something. After a short period of time my plan went up for no reason and the financial burden of paying for basic doctor visits became too much. When a pain in my right side popped up last winter, simple blood tests ended up costing me over $500. I was sad and frustrated, and, (more…)