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Is the news making you sad? You’re not alone.

Austin sunset

It’s been a tough week. For everyone.

Ah, fuck it.

It’s not just the week.

Things have been tough for a long time.

The news.

Oh, the news.

It has gotten to a point where you just don’t want to read it, see it, hear it.

But you gotta.

You have to stay informed.

You have to know what other people are going through. 

See the pain.

The white flags have been thrown up on Facebook statuses.

“The world is too much; I’m getting offline for awhile.”

The heaviness of our hearts is making us sad.

We want to close our eyes.

I watched a comic book blockbuster last weekend, and I started crying afterwards.

I felt physically pummeled by the never-ending action and violence.

The sound of gunfire blanketed my ears.

When I’d look down, images of Gaza projected on the back of my hands.

And it made me think why.

Why do we watch these films of violence? Or in other cases, rape and torture?

With so much hatred festering in the world, why do escape (more…)