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What I Wore Today: First Edition

Hey Gang!

You know, I come across so many great fashion blogs with photos of what people wear on a daily basis. Some people are so clever and stylish and I thought, “Shit, I have moments of fashion inspiration too, why not share my own photos?” So today is the first day of a new series, “What I Wore Today”. I hope you enjoy.

What I Wore Today:
T-shirt: American Apparel, Poly-Cotton T-shirt in Heather Lake Blue $20
Pants: Old Navy track pants from 1997, altered above the knee for a more “sporty” look, Gray, $-5
Notes: I wasn’t wearing a bra, but I decided to spare you. My hair is designed by the pillow and my make-up is courtesy of last night.

Total Cost: $15 and a sense of sexiness

What I’m doing today: Working from home, like I do every day, and staring at the feral cats sleeping on my car

Mood: Pensive, gassy