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Austin Accessories Line, ESPEROS, Gives the Gift of Education

ESPEROS bags Austin

Oliver Shuttlesworth, founder of ESPEROS Bags

I’m a big fan of fair trade or American-made clothing and accessories.

I try to buy ethical fashion as much as I can, but it’s not always easy. Luckily, many millennial designers and entrepreneurs are using their skills for good, so socially conscious products are on the rise. According to the Wall Street Journal, ethicist Peter Singer has said that millennials “are the most altruistic generation” he has yet to come across. In other words, quit hating on millennials!

As the current fastest-growing city in America, Austin has no shortage of innovative and philanthropic thinkers. Recently I met one of these young thinkers, Oliver Shuttlesworth, the founder of ESPEROS. Concerned about the lack of access to education in third-world countries, Shuttlesworth, who previously worked in advertising, decided he wanted to make a difference. In 2012 he launched a line of bags and accessories that gave back: a portion of every ESPEROS bag sold helps (more…)

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Ten SXSW Fashion Trends for 2014: Geriatric Loafers, PajamaJeans and More

Do you have your SXSW outfits together yet?

If not, then look no further.

Below is my fashion guide for must-haves this year at SXSW.

Don’t be left out from the fashion blog style recaps this year!

harem pants

Harem pants are not only comfortable, they also make it really easy to hide free party food or to take a crap in when there isn’t a bathroom handy. 

via Alternative Apparel, $88

old lady shoes

These beautiful shoes by Silverts are the perfect SXSW accessory! Not only will you be comfortable, but hoards of Interactive participants might mistake you for a nurse and ask for help after their thumbs lock up from “checking in” too much. Charge $20 a visit and you’ll have extra SXSW income!

via Silverts, $19.99

fanny pack

A quintessential SXSW adornment is the fanny pack. These helpful crotch pockets are perfect for hiding one free breakfast taco in. 

via ShoeBuy, $25.99


2014 is all about texture and purple velour is the way to go!  Luckily for you, Prince is not scheduled to make an appearance at SXSW (more…)

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What I Wore Today: First Edition

Hey Gang!

You know, I come across so many great fashion blogs with photos of what people wear on a daily basis. Some people are so clever and stylish and I thought, “Shit, I have moments of fashion inspiration too, why not share my own photos?” So today is the first day of a new series, “What I Wore Today”. I hope you enjoy.

What I Wore Today:
T-shirt: American Apparel, Poly-Cotton T-shirt in Heather Lake Blue $20
Pants: Old Navy track pants from 1997, altered above the knee for a more “sporty” look, Gray, $-5
Notes: I wasn’t wearing a bra, but I decided to spare you. My hair is designed by the pillow and my make-up is courtesy of last night.

Total Cost: $15 and a sense of sexiness

What I’m doing today: Working from home, like I do every day, and staring at the feral cats sleeping on my car

Mood: Pensive, gassy

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Lovely Austin: Dressing Like Jackie O For Cheap

I’m not a fashionista, but I’ve always liked dressing nicely.

I don’t really care for the frowny-face, pigeon-toed, slumpy-shoulder hot mess look that is popular in fashion these days. I like streamline, sleek, well-made and classy.

Diane Keaton is my fashion icon and spirit animal.

I grew up in a family-owned clothing store, so wearing well-made clothing has always been a priority. Unfortunately, I’m at a point in my life where affording well-made clothing is not an option. I’m poor. And weak.

This is why I fell in love with boutique store, Lovely Austin.

Lovely Austin is a luxury vintage label consignment shop located on South 1st at Monroe in a darling converted 100 year-old home.

The second I walked into the store and spotted a James Coviello tailored ladies vest (which I later bought), I knew I would be spending hours in there. The vest fit me perfectly and it reminded me how wonderful high-end clothing is- they’re made to look good on you!

What makes this store (more…)