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Winner of the Vinca Jewelry Giveaway, I Wear Chest Hair on My Face For You

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of the Vinca mustache jewelry giveaway!

Yesterday I was feeling just too damn lazy to record a video of myself. Yesterday I spent the day watching puppy and kitten videos.

I was kind of feeling lazy today too, so I will warn you that in this video I:

a.) Just got out of bed, therefore have no makeup on to cover up the circles of darkness under my allergy-riddled eyes

b.) Didn’t brush my teeth, but luckily you can’t smell my breath through the video

c.) Wear chest hair on my face

I do not wake up with chest hair on my face. I spirit gummed the living shit out of the chest hair and stuck it to my face. This means I will have glossy glue patches on my chin for the rest of the day, but you’re worth it.

If you’re the winner of the giveaway, please shoot me an email at laurenmodery at gmail dot com!

I wish I could give you all the gift of mustaches, but I will be having more giveaways soon! Also, Vinca’s jewelry is super affordable (more…)


The Importance of Shopping Locally: A Personal Story

Last week I wrote about the inspiring entrepreneurial spirit of Austin, Texas. Small business is a subject near and dear to me. I grew up in a family-owned and operated clothing store named Leonard’s in Central New York.

Closing the business after 35 years was like a stake through the heart of my family. When I moved to Austin, I was overwhelmed by the locals’ support of mom and pop businesses. Would Leonard’s have had the same fate if it resided in Austin instead of the economically depressed Central New York?

I don’t think about Leonard’s often because the memory of its passing is too painful to dwell on. However, a former employee and friend, Gabrielle, died recently, and it stirred a wave of nostalgia.


I linger on the silkiness of my Grandma’s voice.

The faux aristocrat.

As though every time the phone rings, she’s expecting it to be the President.

I wait a beat.

Trying to make sure that what I’m about to say doesn’t explode out into a puddle (more…)