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The story of Wilbur, the little puppy that could

Warning: There are some sad photos in here, but this is a happy story! 

My friend Carrie works at the Austin Animal Center, and her Facebook feed is often filled with photos of Austin’s stray dogs and cats. Each animal has a back story, many times a sad one. The neglect, abuse and disease can be seen on their sweet faces.

One of these beautiful creatures was Wilbur, an 8-week-old, 2.75-pound chihuahua-Jack Russell puppy that came into the center at the end of 2015. Carrie named him Wilbur, after the pig in Charlott’es Web. His skin was pink and inflamed due to mange and neglect.

As Carrie tells it, “He caught my eye one day when I was walking by. I saw this sweet, sad little puppy curled up in the corner and had to meet him. Although he was very sick, he loved being held, and we became quick friends. He would just curl up in my arms and whimper, while also licking my face. On days when I worked, I would walk by his unit and look to make sure he was still there. We had many early (more…)


Please Support the Austin Zoo and Sanctuary After Recent Robbery

Austin Zoo and Sanctuary

Babe, a former 4H project and survivor of the slaughterhouse 

When I first moved to Austin, an ignorant fool told me that the city had a zoo, but all it boasted were “some goats you can feed.” This equally ignorant fool believed the unfactual statement, thought that feeding goats couldn’t possibly be fun (oh boy, was I wrong!) and never bothered to look into the Austin Zoo. I wasn’t that much into zoos anyways; I love animals and zoos just seem like a depressing purgatory.

Austin Zoo and Sanctuary

Luckily, a co-worker recently explained to me that the Austin Zoo is actually a sanctuary and that it had an impressive array of animals such as bears, primates, big cats, kangaroos, pigs, birds, tortoises and yes, goats- beautiful, wonderful goats– almost entirely rescued from dire situations.

This piqued my interest immensely, and we found ourselves at the zoo over the 4th of July weekend.

First of all, if you haven’t been there yet, GO!

Don’t be an ignorant fool like me. You do not need offspring to (more…)