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Life of a Freelancer in Pictures

A wise man once told me that the key to being a balanced freelancer is making sure you change out of your pajamas every day.

So far I’ve failed miserably.

Changing clothes, brushing hair, going outside are all things I no longer know how to do.

Instead of telling you about my now two months as a freelancer, I thought I would show you in pictures.

Coffee no longer relieves headaches- it gives headaches

When you can no longer sit at your desk out of fear you will develop atrophy, watering dead plants is your only solace.

“Did I change my underwear yet today?” she wonders…

Staring at the ceiling fan pondering if you might die from lack of social interaction.

Going outside and looking for feral cats in the neighborhood because you’re not sure what else to do.

Excited to finally have time to cook but end up heating up  peanut butter with stuff.

Standing outside the window questioning whether you’ll ever being a human being again.

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The Freelancer Diet

this stock photo came up when i googled “freelance”- obviously all freelancers are ex-businesspeople whose life choice banished them to walking the desert alone with birds

I’ve discovered the secret to losing ten pounds instantly: become a freelancer and live in constant state of fear.

Last week was my first week ever not working a 9-5.
It was exciting and terrifying and freeing and exhausting.
I’ve been working towards this goal both subconsciously and finally consciously for the past eight years. Now that it is finally here, I’m like, “Dear Mother of God! I’m a woman on the loose!” I enjoy the analogy that @bbrosmarty shared with me: “We liken it to becoming a wild animal. You’re free from the zoo- but you have to find your own dinner.” Does this mean I’ll have to grow my nails out and sharpen my teeth now?

Earlier this year as my freelance writing began to pick up I finally came to the conclusion that these 9-5 office jobs were getting old. Even when I worked (more…)