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Punctuation Mistakes You’re Making and NEED TO STOP DOING RIGHT NOW



Friends, I used to be really bad at punctuation. Sometimes I look back at old work and want to chuck my coffee mug at the screen. “How could you have been so dumb, you assclown?” I ask myself. But I was a complete novice then; I couldn’t recall much from my public school English courses. It wasn’t until I became a copywriter and copy editor that I truly learned what the hell a semicolon is. (Granted, it is kind of the Shia LaBeouf of punctuation: confusing yet intriguing.)

Sometimes I see that writers on Medium make common punctuation mistakes. These mistake are easy to make, and they don’t define you as a writer. However, it’s time to fix that shit.


Below is a quick guide to common punctuation mistakes.

(Please note, GRAMMAR NAZIS: I’ve selected punctuation rules based on the most common writing style guides of America. I’m sure you can dispute one or two of these here — SAVE IT FOR LATER.)

(And if I have a typo or mistake in (more…)


Write to Please Just One Person

“Write to please just one person”– Kurt Vonnegut

I came across this helpful advice the other day on “discovery engine” Brain Pickings.

Being a fan of reading self-helps, how-to’s, tips and lists, I often find writing advice painfully obvious or boring. I don’t paste quips from various writers in Pinterest-worthy display above my desk nor do I partake in any zen-like daily writing practices.

Writing for me has simply been a creative hodge-podge that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. I let my gut and my heart take the reins while my brain often holds on for dear life (hence the occasional typo).

With all that being said, this simple quote from Vonnegut struck a chord with me. It’s doubtful that the author said the advice with Internet writing in mind, but needless to say it is more than applicable.

Being a blogger does something to you.

It confuses you.

“Am I writer or am I blogger?” you ask yourself.

Some people are just bloggers. And I’m not implying that (more…)