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What I Wore Today: Huey Lewis Edition

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What I Wore Today: Huey Lewis Edition

What I Wore Today:
T-shirt: My boyfriend’s 80s Huey Lewis concert t-shirt. He doesn’t know that I wear this in order to intimidate people with Huey’s stone-cold stare. $Worth more than what is in my bank account
Shorts: Camel-toe inducing American Apparel nylon tricot floral lace cycle short, $28
Jewelry: Hairband on right wrist from Target, $2
Hair and Make-Up: Greenbelt-licked

Notes: I was trying my best to do the “I have polio in my legs!” Lookbook stance, but I will give those God forsaken waifish little girls credit- it’s a hard stance to do. Looks like I’m trying to pop a squat.

What I’m doing today: Writing a post other than this one, neglecting that my taxes need to be done

Mood: Hungry for cheese