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Twice monthly non-period period

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The Twice Monthly Non-Period Period


I noticed something lately. About once or twice a month I get really apathetic. Discouraged. Run down. Confused. Tired. I want to sleep under a rock for 48 hours and when someone starts talking to me I give them a blank stare as if to say, “Back the f on up away from me, friend.” I sit at my computer feeling like a lead weight. I shuffle home and plop on the couch and can’t think of anything. I curl up into a ball on the couch and whine like a little bitch and want nothing more than the day to end.

It’s not my period. I know very damn well when that hormonal voodoo is messin’ with me. And it’s not depression. I have a pretty damn good life and depression does not run int the family. Instead I guess it’s a ‘everything is finally ganging up on me!’ feeling. And I’m not even sure what triggers the malaise. Something or things slight enough that it falls off the radar, but if I actually took a minute to think about it, I’d see the string that led me to that place. (more…)