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Does Blogging Make You Depressed?


I like following popular blogs. Not so much in that I find the material interesting (by the time I’ve found the blogs, the authors have already begun posting less than engaging material because they’ve reached a success that doesn’t demand time or quality), but because I’m intrigued with their lives as popular bloggers.

Recently, a blogger friend clued me in to some blogger drama going on with the blog Single Dad Laughing. In short, a lot of readers and bloggers have increasingly become annoyed at author Dan Pearce’s  seemingly narcissistic blog rants. A recent SDL post spawned this angry response from Daddy blogger, Beta Dad. Though I don’t believe in blogger bashing, I found Beta Dad’s blog post kind of hysterical.

Blogger dramaz!

I don’t always follow Single Dad Laughing, but when I do, I’ve spotted keywords such as “depression“, “hiatus” (Dan had to take temporary mental health hiatus from blogging) and other words that insinuate emotional unrest.

This got me (more…)

Pop Culture

Hipstercrite Round-Up

I’m going to try something new today. This was an idea I planned for the blog redesign but never got around to doing it until Randall at  The Mojo Wire reminded me.  Thanks, Randall!

Now that I’m a freelance writer and social media manager, I spend a lot of time reading and sharing on the internet. I come across a lot of cool stuff and I guess sharing them on Facebook and Twitter are not enough- I FEEL THE NEED TO SHARE THEM ON MY BLOG TOO!

I’ve always enjoyed Flavorwire’s daily roundup, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Please let me know your thoughts. Do you like? Not like? Should I do daily or once a week or never?


Texts from Bennett was the hot commodity trending on Facebook today. Text messages from a 17 year-old white kid who thinks he’s a Crip never was so funny. Do you guys think it’s real?

-Do you go by the title ‘Happiness Advocate‘? What about ‘Social Media Trailblazer‘? ‘Head Cheese‘? Or how about ‘Douchebag‘? Brazen Careerist talks about the trend of cutesy (more…)