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If The Tacocopter Was Real and Lived in Austin, Texas

Though the Tacocopter of San Francisco (“flying robots deliver tacos to your location”) has been dubbed a fake, let’s fantasize if such a thing existed in Austin, Texas, shall we?

1.) While waiting in long-ass lines during SXSW, the helicopter could plop tacos into our open mouths like baby birdies waiting for regurgitated worms.

2.) While hungover, the helicopter could rap tap on your bedroom window as you wait for death to take you. Instead of death, you’re greeted with tacos… and a robot. Which is kind of like death.

3.) While waiting in traffic on I-35 during rush hour, you can have tacos delivered to your window…and obliterate the cars in front of you.

4.) While waiting in line at Franklin’s you can snack on tacos…because after two hours of waiting, you’ll be hungry enough again to eat at Franklin’s.

5.) While hanging out at Barton Springs, you don’t have to leave your spot and worry about an old man in a thong taking it. Instead tacos and memory-erasing pills (more…)