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Has Banksy Sold Out?

The other day I was hanging out at Austin’s uber-indie book store Book People and stumbled across a row of Banksy greeting cards.

My initial thought was, “Oh my God…guerrilla artist, now Hallmark?” but then I thought, “Eh, people need to make a living.”

Selling a line of greeting cards of your famous work does seem kind of counter-intuitive to the guerrilla art culture, but who am I to judge? If you Google Banksy greeting cards“, a link to Banksy’s shop comes up but the link is dead. The search blurb says, “Banksy neither produces or profits from the sale of greeting cards, mugs or photo canvases of his work. He is not represented by any of the commercial galleries…”

I don’t know. What do you guys think? Kind of difficult to trust a guy who made Exit Through the Gift Shop

What do you guys think of Banksy? Sell-out, artist, or marketing genius?


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What is Guerrilla Art?

“Guerrilla art” is a phrase used interchangeably with “street art”.

It may typically entail any of the various art forms: graffiti, wheatpasting, stenciling, stickering, performance, video, LED, or installation art and must take place in a public place anonymously. Basquiat (graffiti), Banksy (stencil, graffiti), Shepard Fairey (wheatpasting, stencil), Improv Everywhere (flash mob, performance art), Reverend Billy & The Church of Life After Shopping (performance art, culture jamming) are a few famous examples of guerrilla artists.

I f’ing love guerrilla art because it forces the creator and the viewer to think outside of the box. I especially dig it when the art taps over into the realm of culture jamming, and creates a whole new spin on how we view the norm. I daydream about changing my name to one word and stenciling pictures of David Byrne dancing with a lamp all the time…. that’s not really an example of culture jamming, but who doesn’t love David Byrne and lamps…dancing?

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