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Who Was Fred Shuttlesworth and Why He’s As Important as Steve Jobs

The same day that Steve Jobs passed away, a Civil Rights icon died as well. Fred Shuttlesworth, a pastor, a freedom rider, and overall badass, died at the age of 89 in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama on Wednesday.

Though his passing received some play, it was largely overshadowed by the technology icon’s death. I really shouldn’t be surprised, but it saddened me nonetheless. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know who Fred Shuttlesworth was before he passed away and I’ve always been interested in the Civil Rights movement. Fred Shuttlesworth was there right alongside Martin Luther King Jr., stood up against the KKK, and survived multiple attempts on his life, but his story is mostly left out of the history books.

On Wednesday the majority of Facebook updates were aimed towards one man- Steve Jobs. Many people felt as though they lost a family member. There is no doubt that Steve Jobs has greatly influenced modern culture- many of our lives revolve around the products he’s designed. But (more…)