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Why we should ‘like’ experiences- not selfies


The other day I came across a meme from Kid President imploring that “we need to live in a world with fewer selfies and more #otherpeoplies.”

This meme got me thinking about the word “peoplies”; it’s so damn fun to say. But then it got me thinking about my own photo-sharing experiences wherein the majority of my photos showcasing my mug perform better, meaning more ‘likes’ and comments, than the photos I take of other people, things I find interesting or places I travel to. I asked my boyfriend which of his photos perform well, and he echoed my experience. Think about your own pictures: Which photos do people respond to the best? Are they pictures featuring your sweet self or of something or someone you find interesting? Or take a look at your friends’ Facebook or Instagram feeds; do the people who fill their feeds with selfies have a higher following than others?

It makes sense that your friends and family would respond best to photos including you. Seeing your happy face is familiar, (more…)


Do You Feel Sad When People Don’t Hit ‘Like’ on Your Posts? That’s Normal.

Alone in a Crowd

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I told myself that the second I was no longer a poor, starving artist, I would order a subscription to the New York Times Weekender.

At 30 years of age, I can proudly say that I’m no longer poor or starving, and I guess the artist part could be argued as well.

However, once you’ve been a poor and starving artist, you figure that you can just as easily end up back there, and you have difficulty justifying expenses like haircuts.

Because I now get the Sunday edition of the Times, you’re going to see posts from me that often start with “I read this New York Times article recently…”

It’s annoying, I know, but bear with me. I had a fairly low SAT score, so I like to sound smart.

I read this New York Times article recently called “For the Love of Being Liked.”

In it, the male author explains how he proudly shared a pro-feminism photo and was completely dismayed when no one hit ‘like’ on his social media channels. His wife, who has a larger following, shared (more…)