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What I Wore Today: The Day I Decided To Put On a Bra

What I Wore Today:
Shirt: Annie Henley, Alternative Apparel, White, $20.99 (on sale)
Skirt: Dawson Skirt, Alternative Apparel, Black, $22.39 (on sale)
Boots: Ralph Lauren motorcycle boots, used, Savers, $20
Jewelry: 1970s stainless steel necklace from my mother, seashell earrings I bought in Victoria, British Columbia for $5
Glasses: My taped up, sat on, much loved glasses from American Apparel, dead stock, $55

Notes: Not sure what that ray of sunshine beaming over my head is. My guess is that God was happy I finally put a bra on.

What I’m Doing Today: Finding ways to keep the feral cats from using my garden as their personal giant-sized litter box (I had to get dressed up for this)

Mood: Angry that I can’t find my toenail clippers, dehydrated