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A Letter to Michael Keaton

Dear Michael,

Where did you go?

I mean, I know you’re still acting and all, but where did you go?

You’re no longer nestled in a comfy nook of the hearts of millions adoring fans, that’s for sure. You packed up, moved out and headed to Randomland. We’ve seen you pop up in Cars, Lost and various independent films and tv movies over the past twelve years that left us scratching our heads.

Why, Michael Keaton, why?

You were on top, man. At one point, you could have been the POTUS. I would have voted for you. You seemed to make a pretty good one in First Daughter.

I blame your agent. A man like Michael Keaton wouldn’t have willingly acted in films such as Jack Frost or Herbie:  Fully Reloaded. He held a gun to your head and told you that you HAD to take those films, right? RIGHT?! Please lie to me, Michael Keaton. I can’t bear to think that you happily chose to act in such rubbish.

I grew up with you. I saw you as my other Dad. Albeit, a dad with greasy hair, rotten (more…)