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The Myths of Austin

Below is a freelance article I was working on that I missed the deadline for (I’m going to make a great freelance writer).
It is about the myths of Austin, Texas and whether they are true or not.
I spent a lot of time reading up on the history of Austin only to realize that it really doesn’t have any.
Well it’s no New York or Chicago, jeez!Nonetheless, I was able to scrounge up some interesting (?) myths about this fair city.
(And if I’m wrong with any of these…please let me know so I don’t make a huge ass of myself. PLEASE!?)


1.) Does Austin have a celebrity homeless person?

Yes.A true testament to the open-mindedness of Austin, Texas, not only does the city have a celebrity homeless person, that same person also ran for mayor! Due to his friendly attitude, activism for the homeless, and unique fashion ensembles consisting of leopard print thongs and high heel shoes, Leslie Cochran has been a colorful, yet notable fixture in the Austin community for years. It’s (more…)


Hey Everyone,
Things are kind of nutty here with SXSW, so while I work on a bunch of posts for next week, please read a little love letter I wrote to Austin a few months ago.

Stopped at a traffic light last Friday afternoon, I glanced up at a familiar restaurant marquee that usually carried a quip relating to the latest music festival/bike rally/music rally/bike festival in Austin that week. However, this time the words bore a different sentiment: “Go Texas! Win it for Leslie!” The light turned green and I found myself driving south down Congress Avenue with tears pooling at the bottom of my eyelids.
Every Austinite knows who Leslie is. He is the city mascot. The epitome of what makes Austin unique. For those who do not know him, Leslie Cochran is a homeless man who wears a leopard print thong. He has run for city mayor multiple times and has been reviewed 53 times on Yelp. He is an extremely articulate and sweet-natured man. No one has a bad thing to say about Leslie.

Which is why (more…)