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Why the Internet Can Be One Giant Awesome Place

the orange van

Hannah, Colin and The Orange Van

Having a blog can be equal parts inspiring and debilitating.

Debilitating may sound a little over-dramatic, but for anyone who spends several hours on the computer a day, you may relate to the physical and mental strain the Internet cacophony and the computer screen glow can cause. Bad posture, low self-esteem, pancake ass, eye fatigue, anger, frustrati0n, denial, sexual feelings towards cats- these are all emotions and ailments you may experience being a blog owner or Internet slave.

I often daydream of throwing a pillowcase over my computer, dragging it out behind the house and beating it a la Office Space style: slow-mo and with Texas rap stuttering from its dying speakers. I think about pulling its little plastic bits off one by one and putting them in a pile to burn.  While the neighbor kid watches on, I’ll take off my pants, soak them in gasoline, light them on fire and throw them onto the computer rubble. And I’ll dance around the blaze while (more…)

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Hipstercrite is in the Glossies!

As I mentioned on Monday, my brain is as fried as the skin of George Hamilton, but I’ll be up and running with some original content next week.

In the meantime, I want to share with you some exciting news!

Hipstercrite was selected to be included in the print magazine The Printed Blog!

What is The Printed Blog, you ask? The Printed Blog is a “monthly chronicle that focuses on creating a collectible, curated publication exclusively made up of content generated on the web, with the intention of giving bloggers credibility and exposure that they can use to establish themselves.” Co-founder and Photo Editor of the magazine is the new It Boy photographer Tyler Shields.

Each issue is comprised of blog posts paired with beautiful photography by contributors. I spied two of my favorite bloggers in the latest issue, Humans Are Funny and Kid in the Front Row!

In their current Deja Vu issue, my super wistful post “This Must Be The Place” was featured. In the blog post I discuss a (more…)

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Is Venice Beach the Best Part of LA?

Yesterday I spent the day in a place I frequent in my head, except this time I was there in person.

The wonderfully quirky world of Venice, California quickly became my favorite part of Los Angeles once I peeled back the sticky layer of sweat, sand, liquor and God knows what else that covers the town and saw what lies below the surface.

Windward Ave.

Venice has not changed a bit since I left four years ago. The only exception is now there is a medicinal marijuana store everywhere you turn. The employees wear green scrubs with marijuana leaves on them and scream at you, “The doctor is in!” It’s only $40 to get your medical marijuana card.

I even saw many of the same street performers who have been performing tricks on the boardwalk for years.

This street performer jumped onto a pile of broken glass


It’s as if Venice has been pickled in time.

I hope it always stays that way.


One of my favorite boardwalk homes designed by Frank Gehry

I relived my regular (more…)


The Best Blog Posts of 2010

Hot damn. I can’t believe this year is over.

It was an eventful year, to say the least.

I was let go of one job, immediately found work at another job, and then left that job for a job in publishing. The artist/dreamer side of me should have taken THAT FREAKIN’ UNEMPLOYMENT, but being raised the way I was and the current state of the economy, I decided it was best to, you know, be a working adult. I’m excited to see where my new job will take me.

I road tripped through West Texas and New Mexico with my mother. We wanted to strangle each other and at one point I had to take a *pee in the middle of the desert, off the side of the road, in front of everyone driving on the God forsaken New Mexico highway known as I-25. It was a memorable trip full of romantic meth villages and endless horizons.

I was voted Blogger of the Year in Austin and Hipstercrite won the category of “Best Blog to Find Comments or Discussions” over at the Austin Blogger Awards. Though she may try, Hipstercrite (more…)