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I’m a Challenger for Snap Kitchen’s 21 Days for Good Challenge

Friends, I was asked to partake in a really exciting challenge.

Snap Kitchen, an Austin-based health food eatery, selected me as one of the 21 Texas challengers for their 21 Days for Good Challenge.

From November 1st-21st, Snap Kitchen will be providing us healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner as we work towards our personal goals for the month. In addition, the challenger who does the best job chronicling their 21-day journey will receive $3,000 for the charity of their choice. My charity is LIVESTRONG.

Instead of picking one goal, like losing weight or getting more fit, I decided to aim for 21 goals. On each of the 21 days, I will strive to do something good, either for myself or for someone else. I’ve been filling up my calendar with volunteer opportunities such as dinner service at the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless, dog walking at the Austin Animal Center, meal delivery through Meals on Wheels and trash pickup through Keep Austin Beautiful. As for personal goals, I’ll be (more…)

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How To Make Kale Chips That Taste Like Ass

When I’m not eating at Taco Bueno, I sometimes eat healthy.

Actually, like most Americans, I have a completely bipolar view of food where I’ll go long stretches of eating hairy-armpit-Birkenstock-sandals food or Spaghetti-O’s.

Sometimes I’ll take the middle ground and eat Annie’s P’Sghetti Loops with Soy Meatballs.

Anyways, I’ve been on a healthy kick lately because I’ve been sick.

I’ve been hearing so much “Kale this! Kale that!” on the Internetz that I decided to jump on the foodie bandwagon and make myself kale chips.

They’re easy as shit to make.

You need: Kale, salt, tin foil, backing sheet, oven, lights so you can see what you’re doing, arms to place the chips in the oven and eyes to make sure you don’t burn yourself when taking the kale chips out of the oven. Clothing is optional. I decided to make these chips in my pjs with makeup on from the night before.


So, you see here? I’ve ripped up pieces of raw kale to look like chips and placed them on a baking (more…)