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The Inspiring Nature of Austin’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

In the current Wild West days of start-ups and micro-entrepreneurs anything is possible, and there is no place more practicing of that ideology than Austin, Texas.

Having lived in Los Angeles for a number of years, I got used to people saying, “Well, I have this idea I’ve been playing around with…” or “One day, I’d like to build/create/grow…” but most of those people never got around to fulfilling their goals or dreams. In cities like New York or Los Angeles, unless you come from money, most people are more preoccupied with trying to survive over finding the time and money to actualize their passion project.

When I moved to Austin I began meeting individuals who were coming up with ideas and following through on them. Young people, old people, men, women and children. I discovered that in a town like Austin, one can focus on their goals more easily because not only is the cost of living affordable, there is also no personal or corporate income tax and state franchise business (more…)