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I Studied in the School of Muppets

Trying a new thing today. This is the republish feature on my CultureMap article this weekend about the Muppets.
Hipstercrite Says…

Everything I Always Needed to Know, I Learned From the Muppets

By Lauren Modery

11.27.11 | 02:00 pm

There’s something special about the Muppets. Something that makes you cry within the first 60 seconds of seeing their new movie—and in 15 minute increments there on out. Something that makes you weep uncontrollably while watching them sing “The Rainbow Connection” in said new movie. Something that makes you stare vacantly at the smiling and fixated children sitting next to you in the theater and thinking, “Children, don’t let your youth slip away.”

For 56 years (!), something about these puppets have been tugging at our heartstrings generation after generation (and if they don’t do it for you—it’s possible that you have no soul). Most of us grew up with the Muppets and, whether we realize it or not, they’ve taught us some very valuable lessons. (more…)