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Notes from Austin’s First Cat Cafe

Blue Cat Cafe

Big Sexy

“See that blue cat over there?” Jacques Casimir, co-owner of Blue Cat Cafe in Austin, Texas, asks me with a hint of pride in his voice. “That’s Big Sexy.”

Big Sexy is indeed big and sexy. At eight years of age and almost 20 pounds, he carries his girth with ease and confidence. We watch as he plops himself onto a coffee table and backs his wide hips between smiling customers, akin to a tractor trailer going in reverse.

His eyes chase the younger cats, all waiting to be adopted just like Big Sexy, as they prance and dart through the brightly colored cafe. Is he laughing at their youthful ignorance, or is he mesmerized by the shiny ball three feet from the table? We may never know.

Casimir confides in me that he hopes Big Sexy will be a permanent fixture at the cafe, alongside Gollum, a sandy-colored, green-eyed fluffball with folded ears, and Balthazar, a soothing tabby who enjoys nesting on customers’ (more…)

Austin, Hipstercrite Life

Happy National Feral Cat Day!


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It’s National Feral Cat Day!

You know what that means, right?

Find yourself a feral cat, throw a piece of cake at it and run.

Since I work from home, I’VE BEGUN LOSING MY MIND I spend a lot of time talking to and getting to know the feral cats in our neighborhood. They tell me their secrets.

And there are a lot of them (cats, not secrets).

There’s Zorro, Fatface, Baby Momma, Fake Dee, Gray Kitty, Gray Tomcat, Blackie (we’re very creative with names) and a slew of others that stick their kitty pecpees in the kitty vajayjays and then leave come and go.

If the cats didn’t run away in terror every time I came near them, then I would have individual pictures for all of them.

The only pics I have are of Zorro because he’s semi-blind and doesn’t know when I creep up on him from behind (he also looks like Grumpy Cat) and a group shot of Zorro, Fake Dee and Gray Kitty hanging out. They like to sleep in groups, with Zorro often acting as elder statesman of (more…)


We Will Call Him Batman: Taking Care of a Feral Kitten

“He looks like Batman,” Geoff said.

He actually looks more like a bat.

So we named him Batman, though secretly I want to call him Sherman Hemsley. As a Twitter friend pointed out, that name is currently available.

Sher-batman is 6 weeks old.

He is the son of one of the feral kittens we caught to get fixed.

Some of you may recall that last week I asked what is the best way to go about fixin’ strays.

We ended up catching 4  who are currently at the Humane Society recovering, but we feel guilty for disrupting the kitty commune.

The ones that were left stare at us with disdain or run off in a panic.

“Those are the mean people that trap us!” they say. “Beware!”

Geoff and I (particularly Geoff who has done more work) feel very sad, but we know it’s the right thing. The cats need fixing.

We are the faceless adults in every animal Disney flick.

But that leaves 7 kittens without a mother this week.

We confirmed that they’re at an age where they can survive without (more…)