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Seven Female Film Characters I Want to Have a Drink With

Life is kind of poopy right now.

I’ve been feeling like crap for a few weeks and I think others have too. It doesn’t helped that our leaders completely and utterly failed us yesterday (P.S. if I made a scene or didn’t show up to work, I’d be FIRED, Congress!)

But you know what? Life has ebb and flow in the waste management dept. and that’s just the way it is. It’s all going to be ok, right?


DEAR GOD, PLEASE TELL ME IT WILL ALL WORK OUT!!!!!111111111!!!!!!1111111

Something that helped me get through a particularly challenging few weeks was buffet-watching Jennifer Westfeldt films. Some of you may know her as the writer-actress of Kissing Jessica Stein, Ira & Abby and Friends with Kids, or some of you may simply know her as Jon Hamm’s long-term partner, which is too bad because she’s a brilliant and funny fox in her own right. Though her three features are mostly variations of the same story (neurotic Jewish girl and her creative friends search for love in New (more…)

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Why I’m Sick of Hearing About Celebrity Children Becoming Actors or Models

Dakota Johnson

Yesterday my friend Facebook chatted me to discuss the recently announced casting choices of  Fifty Shades of Grey the movie.

I have neither read Fifty Shades of Grey nor intend to, so she had to explain to me who the roles of Christian and Ana went to.

“I can’t believe Dakota Johnson is playing Ana!” she said.

“Who is Dakota Johnson?” I asked.

“She is the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson,” she replied.

It made perfect sense. Why wouldn’t she be? Why wouldn’t she be the daughter of not one, but two famous celebrities?

It feels like every day I see a different headline boasting the stories of celebrity children becoming actors or models:

Ireland Baldwin Aims to Follow Parents Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger into Film

Hot Pics of Scott Eastwood on Buzzfeed

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son, Patrick, Modeling for Hudson Jeans with Georgia May Jagger?

Look up any entertainment news section and there is a good chance that whomever graces the top articles (more…)

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Don’t Eat Discounted Fiber Pills While at a Film Festival


Last weekend, we were fortunate enough to screen our film Loves Her Gun at the Oak Cliff Film Festival.

Oak Cliff is a vibrant neighborhood in Downtown Dallas, bubbling with creativity and conversation (i.e. Hipster Central).

Of course, I fell in love with it.

What makes Oak Cliff appealing is that it still appears to be a harmonious marriage of old and new. An explosion of expensive restaurants and condos has yet to happen, and the creative folks that are coming into the neighborhood are adapting old, historic buildings into innovative community spaces. We spent the majority of our stay at the historic Texas Theatre, where Lee Harvey Oswald was apprehended, and is now owned by four young men who offer themed screenings and blockbuster events much like the Alamo Drafthouse.

Our carload to Dallas from Austin included me (the writer), Geoff (the director), Amy (the DP) and Jennymarie (the actress). On our way out of town, we stopped at Walgreens to pick up Geoff’s ‘roids (he (more…)

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The Many Faces of Chevy Chase (pictures)

Well, yesterday’s post provoked the wrath of Khan, so I’m going to write about something warm and fuzzy today… like Chevy Chase’s face!

I had no clue what to write about earlier, so I sought inspiration from my friend Mike who has been on a Fletch kick lately.

“What should I write about today, Mike?”

“The many faces of Chevy Chase!!!!” he said to me.

I snickered to myself. Surely Chevy Chase only has a few faces!

I did a Google search and was surprised to discover that Chevy Chase does indeed make many faces.

Now, I think Mike was implying the wonderful faces that Chevy Chase made during the Fletch era, when Chevy was a stud muffin, like this endearing photo here:

Chevy Chase Fletch

And here:

chevy chase

But what I discovered is that the double and triple-chin modern day Chevy Chase makes waaaay more interesting faces, like:

chevy chase

The Val Kilmer Meme Face

chevy chase

The Farting With Each Step I Take Face

chevy chase

The Recalling Seeing Beverly D’Angelo’s Boobies Face

chevy chase

The Trololo  Face

chevy chase

The Cerebral Masturbating (more…)

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Has SXSW Music Gotten Too Big For Its Britches?

SXSW crowd



Well, SXSW is over.

We all survived.

We had a busy week with our film, Loves Her Gun. I won’t bore you with the details, but if you’re interested in reading reviews, awards etc. that the film received, check out our Facebook page.

Participating in the film portion of the festival spoils you. It’s contained and organized, no unofficial events surround it and you casually run into peers and friends within the Austin film community and beyond. It is always a pleasure and a treat to experience this part of the festival.

I could tell the second that SXSW Film and Interactive had ended and Music began when we tried driving out of our neighborhood. Living on the eastside now means you co-exist with official and unofficial music events. No longer do you have to live a couple of blocks east of downtown to experience this; you can live as far as a few miles away to feel the effect. The story I’m about to tell you I already shared on my Facebook (more…)

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SXSW Film 2013 Infographic: How Many Films Used Crowd Funding This Year?

Amanda Farmer at Austin Freelance Writer was kind enough to share with me her fascinating infographic on SXSW Film 2013 stats.

It gives tremendous insight into the what films will be debuting at SXSW and how many were crowd funded (our film Loves Her Gun was partially funded by Indiegogo and USA Projects).

I also spy one of our film’s actresses, Heather Kafka, in the infographic!

Make sure to check out Amanda’s work here!


SXSW film infographic


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One Week Before SXSW!



It’s one week before SXSW starts and one week and one day before the premiere of our film Loves Her Gun.

I’m nervous and I’m excited and hopeful and fearful.

What if no one likes the film?

What if during the film, the audience collectively rises in a wave of anger, throws vegetables or dead animals they had been hiding in their purses and pockets at the screen and tackle me into the theater seats to ensure my broken arms never write again?

Like George McFly to Marty when he sheepishly explains why he can’t ask Lorraine out, “I don’t know if I could take that kind of a rejection.”

This movie is my density.

I’m scared shitless!

I’ve never experienced anything like this.

Will you still love me even if my dangling broken limbs are covered in tomato juice?

Over the next week, I’ll probably be posting a significant amount about the film since it will be taking up a good chunk of my life.

It’s a tough industry and every share and retweet about our film (more…)

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How to Not Annoy Bloggers With Your Press Release

public relations

via All Points PR

I’m now a publicist!

Kind of.

I have a secret to share with you: there is no money in independent film and you often have to become your own press agent, cheerleader, champion and drinking buddy.

I’ve been (nervously) sending out press releases for our film Loves Her Gun and I can’t help but feel like a GIANT ASSHOLE every time I hit the “send” button. You see, I receive a fair chunk of press releases for my blog each week and the majority of the time I completely disregard them. If the sender- particularly the actual client and not the publicist- appears to have put effort in their attempts to reach out to me, then I will politely respond with a “thank you for reaching out, but this isn’t a good fit….yada yada blah blah.” If the press release is from a publicist who included me on a mass email with no regard to what my blog is actually about, then I promptly banish them to my trash. (more…)

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Holy Crap! My Film Will be Premiering at SXSW!

Tireste Kelly Dunn Geoff Marslett Loves Her Gun

You guys remember that movie I told you about? The one I co-wrote and co-produced and some of you were gracious enough to donate to so we could finish our post-production?

Well, it will be premiering under the Narrative Spotlights at the South by Southwest Film Festival this year!

I can’t believe that this idea born out of my late-night, heavy-breathing “Oh my God I’m going to DIE!” panic attacks is now a full-fledged movie premiering at one of my favorite film festivals.

We are beyond the Thunderdome excited. Like, I’m going to go bleach and feather my hair and put a chain-link dress on and find Mel Gibson and say, “Two men enter, one man leaves” excited.

The film was written in the summer of 2011, but the subject matter- gun culture- is all the more prevalent today. We couldn’t have imagined that the always important topic would (sadly) heat up again.

Since we shot the film, our lead actress Trieste Kelly Dunn was offered a reoccurring role on Alan Ball’s new TV show (more…)

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Awesome Lady Hero of the Day: Adrienne Shelly

adrienne shelly

Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated with the art and fantasy of film. This fascination led me to film school and then to Los Angeles where I held an assistant role at the production company of an Oscar Award-winning actor.

My upbringing and surroundings in Los Angeles barely introduced me to the world of independent cinema. Sure, I saw movies that weren’t produced by large studios, but they were still the films that had known actors in them or were bought for millions of dollars at Sundance. I had no concept of the 99% of other independent films on the film festival or local scenes (film school most definitely doesn’t tell you about this world either). My childhood art house theater was 30 miles away from my home and when I dragged my high school friends to see American Beauty (not an independent film and produced by Dreamworks), I thought I truly knew what independent film was.

It wasn’t until I moved to Austin and began meeting a large number of the country’s best (more…)