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Dressing Up As Steve Martin For Halloween Made Me Feel Like I Had A Special Purpose

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

I dressed up as Navin R. Johnson (Steve Martin) from The Jerk. It’s my #4 favorite movie of all time.

I’ll be honest- I enjoyed walking around with my pants around my ankles all night.

What did you dress up as this Halloween?

steve martin halloween costume


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  • Reply Eddy November 1, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    I swear these are true.

    1-just this week I noticed on a real estate website a category of commercial properties called, “Special Purpose.” As it is commercial real estate in nature, I assumed it was the category for erections, though I dared not say so. Except to you.

    2-many years ago I was invited by a work colleague/friend to a party of her college buddies. I was the only unfamiliar face at the party, but we had a good time. We started playing Charades and after a couple of rounds a guy takes a turn and the category was “movies.” Everyone was puzzled by what he was trying to get across…so I blurted out The Jerk!
    Gales of laughter followed because, unbeknownst to me, he was well-known as the class clown and I had nailed it without knowing any better. Of course, that was not the movie, but no one cared and I got cred for out-ting their lovable loser.

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