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Remembering to Stop and Smell the Roses

As I get older, trips home vary in emotion. When I travel back to Central New York in the winter, I join the legions of individuals who feel depressed and forlorn. My hometown feels as though it has been forgotten- which it has, in a way. However, during the summer, the area feels alive and thriving and downright gorgeous- which it is. I’ve lived in or traveled through nearly two thirds of this country and there is no place quite like the American Northeast in the summer and fall. Nothing compares to the rolling green hills, the soft grass and the luscious wildflowers.

This trip I have reconnected with old friends and seen extended family. This might not sound like anything particularly special, but considering I come from a small family and am not always best at keeping in touch with people, this has been a very therapeutic and enjoyable experience. I’ve also gotten to lay in the grass while staring at the sky, paint my grandmother’s toe nails, take naps next to my favorite little Jack Russell Terrier and laugh and put my arm around my mother.

As we get so caught up in the minutia of life, it’s important to remember the small and important things.

Do you ever take a moment to appreciate the little things?

For me, it has been:

Family trips to Wegman’s- the most wonderful grocery store in America (and continually in Forbes top 5 places to work)!

Half moon cookies- you can’t really find these in Austin!

Walking through Taughannock Falls, Ithaca, New York (taller than Niagara Falls!)

Enjoying the water at Taughannock Falls

Adorable small children with adorable small rabbits (my best friend’s beautiful, smart and sweet 2 1/2 year old, Zoe)

Painting my 85 year-old grandmother’s toes (her foot does not look 85, right?)

Letting doggies fall asleep on you

Then kissing the living heck out of them


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  • Reply Brulula June 13, 2012 at 11:31 am

    No pics of me?

  • Reply Mark Peterson June 14, 2012 at 10:21 am

    Wonder and sweet post. I agree completely about the summers and falls of the NE.
    I have seen those half moon cookies in Austin!
    Will try and remember where. Mozarts comes to mind but not sure.

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