Welcome, You Hipstercrite

A new blog about a former L.A. hipster living in Austin, TX.
(Considering I have no plans in the near future to move back to Los Angeles, I’ve decided to change my blog name from PlasticLA (a not so subtle hint to my feelings towards Los Angeles) to HIPSTERCRITE (an equally unimpressive, forced blog name).
PlasticLA has been my blog for exactly three years now and she’s gone through many incarnations- all directionless. She first started as a young assistant’s commentary on the film industry and the city of Los Angeles itself. 
It was boring.
When the realities of her subject matter began to stifle her creativity, she abandoned, no I, me, (no more third person), I, abandoned the blog for a good year or so (I don’t want to admit it, but wouldn’t want to deny it’s role in the matter- I was nursing a child-like broken heart and a drinking problem as well. Mm hmm.)
It wasn’t until a 6 week gig in Chicago that ultimately led to me leaving my career, that I felt the surge of creative juices flooding back. I filled books and books of my writing. I wrote poems (yucky), I wrote songs, I wrote poems about writing songs, I drew pictures, I spilled food on the notebooks and doodled around the stains, I made friends with Robert Blake (that’s a whole ‘nother story). I started PlasticLA back up. I felt good. I felt alive for the first time since I moved to Los Angeles…so I got the fuck out of town.
It was supposed to be a temporary thing. I sublet my apartment back in L.A. and I was just going to tool around the country a bit. I ended up in Austin, and well, to quote my favorite Talking Heads’ song, “I guess that this must be the place”, because here I am, with no intention on leaving for awhile. Through this whole transition, the theme of my blog shifted focus. I decided the blog would serve a better purpose as a place where I could discuss what I discuss best- the trivial grievances and hipster interests of being a nonplussed, over-privileged twenty-something film school dropout/wannabe-writer, living in the city.
Maybe one day we’ll be partners again, PlasticLA, but in the meantime I’m going to keep writing about my 20’s- you already have enough young, disillusioned Angelenos writing about your wonderful plasticity.)
On with the non-prescription glasses and fake mustaches!

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