Lindsey is my Man

Lindsey Buckingham will be performing at Royce Hall @ UCLA Sept. 14th at 7PM. Tickets are $56 and $66. Jeez, Lindsey!

I walk this Earth looking for a man that resembles Lindsey Buckingham circa 1977. If you see a man that looks like this, please let me know.

The dude still looks hot at 60! I caught a Fleetwood Mac show about 5 years ago and couldn’t take my eyes off the man. Stevie who?!

He still wears low v-necks!

Let’s analyze, shall we? That hair! Those eyes! Those angry, minimalistic lyrics! That odd way he moves stiffly while playing guitar!

No better way to get your Lindsey fix than “Holiday Road” from NATIONAL LAMPOON’S VACATION.

Sshh…you know you love it!

and this is what our child would look like…(thanks for Buzzfeed for showing me Makemebabies.com)…

Is this creepy?

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