Gossip Girl and Bow-ties

I’ve never seen “Gossip Girl”. I’m not sure I really care to.
However, there is one thing that interests me about the show- the clothing.
I have to say. Those “OMFG” and “Mind-blowingly inappropriate” posters got my attention.
Not because of the stupid kids copulating in them, but because of a single bow-tie.

The character behind the bow-tie is quite cute (in fact, he reminds me of a gentlemen I occasionally see who will never ever date me….sigh). While waiting at the stop light at Lincoln and Venice today, staring at the 20th “Gossip Girl” poster I’ve seen that morning, I asked myself, “Are you actually attracted to the man or to the bow-tie?” It sounds like a silly question, but I’ve found myself so intrigued by the picture that I want to WEAR the bow-tie. It’s not just the bow-tie either, it’s the whole look. The suspenders, the white loafers, the scarves, the modern-day Gatsby in the Hamptons look.

Can a person just be attracted to clothing? What is it about the bow-tie that intrigues me so much? Non-penis envy answers are welcomed…

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  • Reply Dazed and Confused April 9, 2010 at 6:41 am

    Maybe you associate the bow tie with some good memories? or your grandad wore won and looked like a bad ass? Its clearly more than just a fashion statement to you, maybe you have a minor bowtie fetish! according to some people i talked to (aka my roommates) bow ties were signs of successful people. The poor wore ties, and the rich wore bow ties.
    Maybe your a retro gold digger at heart 🙂

  • Reply Amy Montoya February 22, 2019 at 11:38 am

    I like the 20’s style too, and think there’s a reason it became a staple of hipster culture for a bit. It’s clean and visually attractive, and denotes a time when socially everyone went dancing: structured, complex, fun lindyhop dancing, not stupid gyrating in a club. A time when technology was accelerating from bicycles to rocketships, and from which the Greatest Generation was born. It means that man cares about his appearance, and possibly quality over pop culture.

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