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What I Wore Today: Election Day Edition


Today is Election Day!

The Instagrams has been all aflutter with photos of long voting lines, “I voted stickers” and Election Day outfits today. Even Lena Dunham has implored with us to share our voting ensembles with her. It’s been a very exciting day in the world of social media.

I feel a little left out today. You see, I’m registered in another state and very boringly sent in my absentee ballot a few weeks ago.

Luckily I took a picture so I can share with you my “Sending in My Absentee Ballot Day” outfit with you!

It also happens to be the outfit I’m wearing today (and tomorrow).

What I wore:
Top: a “vintage” baseball t-shirt found at the bottom of a clothing pile in the backyard of American Apparel $0
Bottom: the California Fleece Slim Fit Pant from American Apparel $36
Shoes: Keen flip flops given to me at an event involving popsicles $0
Hair: Hard water and shampoo
Makeup: Bare Essentials, allergies
Mood: Simultaneously proud and defeated. Proud that (more…)

Fashion/Design, Hipstercrite Life

What I Wore Today: First Edition

Hey Gang!

You know, I come across so many great fashion blogs with photos of what people wear on a daily basis. Some people are so clever and stylish and I thought, “Shit, I have moments of fashion inspiration too, why not share my own photos?” So today is the first day of a new series, “What I Wore Today”. I hope you enjoy.

What I Wore Today:
T-shirt: American Apparel, Poly-Cotton T-shirt in Heather Lake Blue $20
Pants: Old Navy track pants from 1997, altered above the knee for a more “sporty” look, Gray, $-5
Notes: I wasn’t wearing a bra, but I decided to spare you. My hair is designed by the pillow and my make-up is courtesy of last night.

Total Cost: $15 and a sense of sexiness

What I’m doing today: Working from home, like I do every day, and staring at the feral cats sleeping on my car

Mood: Pensive, gassy