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A Poem to My Period

source: Vice Magazine

I’m neither good at writing poems or having periods…

…And I apologize for alienating my entire male audience today.


I hate you!

Like a seal hates the polar bear

You gobble me up

Chew on every inch of me

And when you’re done

You spit me out

Like a wad of flavorless gum


You sit behind my eyes

And knock knock knock

Trying to break down the door

And when that doesn’t work

You travel down to my stomach

Where you perform your exercise:

Chin-ups and sit-ups and spinning and tread


I’ve always underestimated your powers, Period

Your strength is something I can no longer ignore

We all know you, yet we’re victims to your will

You give us so much

Yet take so much away


See that man over there?

I want to punch him in the face.

Want to know why?

You tell me, Period.

You tell me.

You leave me hopeless

And dismal

And angry at the world


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