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Good Grammar is Sexy (And Other Curated Curios for the Curious Consumer)

Hey Gang!

Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend. The weather has finally dropped down in the mid-90s in Austin, which translates to cardigan and scarf-wearing.

Fall is such a magical time of year in Texas. It means rather than finding ways to have as little fabric touching your burning skin as possible, one can start giving a crap about fashion again.

I’ve been perusing some neat-o finds on the new Scoutmob Shoppe to amp up my fall wardrobe and X-mas gift cache for the loved ones.

If you haven’t been to the Scoutmob Shoppe yet, it’s like, but ten times better. That gang has some seriously awesome curating going on over there with an emphasis on keep it local.

Check out some of my favorite picks from their shop below!

Also, if you’re an Austin craftsman and you’d be interested in potentially having your products featured on the Scoutmob Shoppe, shoot me a comment down below.


Assorted Love Cards, 5- Pack $15

Good Grammar is Sexy Tote, $12

Stache Anything (more…)


Scoutmob Is My Jam

I’ve had the pleasure of writing for a wonderful Mobile Deals company called Scoutmob. You’ve probably heard of it, considering they’re located in 13 major U.S. cities and are about to add 7 more. If you haven’t heard of it, you’re very much missing out.

Scoutmob is not your typical daily deal website. What makes them unique (besides their kickass old-timey branding and love for mustaches) is that they really care about sharing each business’ story. Instead of someone at corporate Googling a business located in another city and writing some weirdass blurb about them that never makes any sense, they hire local writers to interview and photograph the business. They encourage the writers to discuss their personal feelings about the experience. It’s been a blast writing for them and I’ve gotten to meet and speak with so many interesting¬† local proprietors in Austin.

The best part of Scoutmob? Their deals are free. No catch. We’ve featured some of the best restaurants in town too: Annie’s (more…)