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Inspiring Late Bloomer Success Stories to Keep You From Giving Up

Inspired! Mesmerized! This is how I felt after putting down Steve Martin’s autobiography Born Standing Up.

I knew it was going to be a good book because Martin is a fantastic writer. Every creative medium he’s ever touched has turned into a golden product. Stand-up, acting, banjo-playing…you name it!

One of my top five favorite books of all time is Martin’s Shopgirl, which for me, perfectly summed up my experiences in Los Angeles. Martin’s uncanny ability to voice the thoughts, feelings and actions of a twenty-something living in LA astounded me. He’s good. Very good.

Born Standing Up is about Martin’s first 30 years on this planet as an adolescent, then as a struggling comedian. He details the painstaking energy and determination it took to break into the scene. He acted at Knott’s Berry Farm, performed stand up at small folks clubs in Southern California and elsewhere, wrote for the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and even appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson several (more…)

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SXSW Film 2013 PanelPicker Time: Check Out Our Panel On What It’s Like to be a Hollywood Producer

Dana Brunetti (center) at the Golden Globes with the producers of The Social Network (source)


I submitted a panel for SXSW Film 2013! Yeeehaw!

I’m so stoked!

The panel is titled “A Conversation with Dana Brunetti“.

If you’re not familiar with Dana Brunetti, he is the Oscar-nominated producer behind The Social Network and the upcoming film-adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey (read his IMDB page here).

Pretty impressive, right?

Well, he is also the founder with Kevin Spacey of Trigger Street Labs, an online platform to help aspiring writers and filmmakers get their work seen by a broader audience. How do you like them apples?

If you’re into the social mediaz, Dana is quite the social media star as well. Follow him on Twitter at @danabrunetti

The panel is set up Q+A style and will be an in-depth conversation on what it’s like to be a producer in Hollywood and the intelligence, hard work and ambition it takes to succeed there. We will also discuss how Trigger (more…)