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Crowdsourcing Your Future


I’m at a point in my life where I have no idea what my next creative step is.

There are so many ideas I want to bring to fruition, but indecisiveness due to fear is holding me back (like it always does).

Do you have that problem?

Don’t you wish you could just turn to a random stranger, grab them by the collar and drool, “PLEASE SIR/MADAM, TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO WITH MY LIIIIIIFE!!!”

Maybe that is why so many creative friends hire life coaches. Sometimes it’s easier to have someone else tell you what your next step should be.

Or sometimes it’s easier to default to what Prince would do.

I have an obnoxiously talented and beautiful friend whose biggest obstacle is this exact thing. Everything she attempts turns out excellent: music, art, film- you name it! But her indecisiveness and fear of failing holds her back. I constantly tell her, “JUST DO! JUST CREATE!” and when she does, she feels AWESOME, but she typically abandons the project and never finishes. Sadly, I can (more…)