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What I Wore Today: The Day I Decided To Put On a Bra

What I Wore Today:
Shirt: Annie Henley, Alternative Apparel, White, $20.99 (on sale)
Skirt: Dawson Skirt, Alternative Apparel, Black, $22.39 (on sale)
Boots: Ralph Lauren motorcycle boots, used, Savers, $20
Jewelry: 1970s stainless steel necklace from my mother, seashell earrings I bought in Victoria, British Columbia for $5
Glasses: My taped up, sat on, much loved glasses from American Apparel, dead stock, $55

Notes: Not sure what that ray of sunshine beaming over my head is. My guess is that God was happy I finally put a bra on.

What I’m Doing Today: Finding ways to keep the feral cats from using my garden as their personal giant-sized litter box (I had to get dressed up for this)

Mood: Angry that I can’t find my toenail clippers, dehydrated


When Alternative Apparel Has a Sale, I’m Happy

One of my all-time favorite clothing brands is Alternative Apparel. Not only is the clothing line stylish and comfy, but socially conscious too (no forced labor, fair compensation, safe working conditions and they follow all environmental laws).

Some of my favorite articles of clothing have come from there. This is their Slummy Tee Dress:

Right now Alternative Apparel is having an additional 30% off their sale items (use the code: Spring). This is kind of awesome since their t-shirts alone range from $30-60, with many items being close to $100.

I bought the Annie Henley in White and Dawson Skirt in Black for $49 total including shipping (original price would have been $126).

Dawson Skirt

They have a lot of other great items on sale, but I was trying to control myself. Here are my must check out styles:

Looking Glass Maxi Dress, $98, now $41.99

Cara Dress, $78, now $24.49

Willow Sweater $58, now $20.99