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Beginners’ Guide to Graphic Novels pt. 1

My boyfriend is an animator which means his bookcases are filled with animator stuff.
One day I was bored and pulled down his copy of Persepolis.
I thought graphic novels were for kids and nerds, so I wasn’t expecting much from it.
Boy, was I a dumbass.

By the second page I was sucked into the book like James Spader into the Stargate. I was transfixed. A heartbreaking coming-of-age tale set during a time of historical significance had this history nerd gobbling up every word.   For those of you not familiar with Persepolis (and live a sad, sheltered life like I do), it is the autobiography of Marjane Satrapi, a young woman growing up in Iran in the 1970’s. The book takes us through her childhood, which intersects with the Iranian Revolution, her escape to Europe as a teenager, and then back to Iran as a twenty-something and the dramatic changes within her country.

Satrapi writes of a life that was once simple and carefree, how women didn’t have the adhere to strict Islamic (more…)