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Do You Feel Sad When People Don’t Hit ‘Like’ on Your Posts? That’s Normal.

Alone in a Crowd

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I told myself that the second I was no longer a poor, starving artist, I would order a subscription to the New York Times Weekender.

At 30 years of age, I can proudly say that I’m no longer poor or starving, and I guess the artist part could be argued as well.

However, once you’ve been a poor and starving artist, you figure that you can just as easily end up back there, and you have difficulty justifying expenses like haircuts.

Because I now get the Sunday edition of the Times, you’re going to see posts from me that often start with “I read this New York Times article recently…”

It’s annoying, I know, but bear with me. I had a fairly low SAT score, so I like to sound smart.

I read this New York Times article recently called “For the Love of Being Liked.”

In it, the male author explains how he proudly shared a pro-feminism photo and was completely dismayed when no one hit ‘like’ on his social media channels. His wife, who has a larger following, Continue Reading

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Why I Haven’t Written on my Blog in Awhile



My blog is sad.

I barely write on her anymore.

You see, something happened.

I got a completely unexpected and wonderful writing job, and my blog has taken a back seat.

I’m sorry, blog.

I love you and I miss you.

I will try to play with you again.

The job I mentioned is at the LIVESTRONG Foundation. I am the copywriter at the HQ in Austin.

Though I am the copywriter there, it is still difficult for me to describe the amazing things the organization does.

It has changed my life.

Not only has it made me a better writer (I still get brain gas, so please don’t hold typos/grammatical errors against me), it has opened my eyes to the realities of life.

Do you know what LIVESTRONG does? I’ll be honest; I wasn’t quite sure before I started working there.

It has something to do with that cyclist guy, right?


It has always offered and will continue to offer free, life-changing services for people facing cancer.

You see, anyone affected by Continue Reading

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Why the Internet Can Be One Giant Awesome Place

the orange van

Hannah, Colin and The Orange Van

Having a blog can be equal parts inspiring and debilitating.

Debilitating may sound a little over-dramatic, but for anyone who spends several hours on the computer a day, you may relate to the physical and mental strain the Internet cacophony and the computer screen glow can cause. Bad posture, low self-esteem, pancake ass, eye fatigue, anger, frustrati0n, denial, sexual feelings towards cats- these are all emotions and ailments you may experience being a blog owner or Internet slave.

I often daydream of throwing a pillowcase over my computer, dragging it out behind the house and beating it a la Office Space style: slow-mo and with Texas rap stuttering from its dying speakers. I think about pulling its little plastic bits off one by one and putting them in a pile to burn.  While the neighbor kid watches on, I’ll take off my pants, soak them in gasoline, light them on fire and throw them onto the computer rubble. And I’ll dance around the blaze Continue Reading

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Citygram: Austin’s Newest Interactive Digital Magazine


There’s a new digital magazine on the scene!

Citygram, a new Austin lifestyle app created by Apartment Therapy writer Chris Perez, aims to bring some of Austin’s brightest, smartest and stylish writers straight to your Ipad.

Some of your favorite local personalities have teamed up with Citygram: Tolly Moseley from Austin Eavesdropper, Joanna Wilkinson from Keep Austin Stylish, Jess Simpson from Forgiving Martha, Amy Lynch from OneSmartPopTart, interior designer Sarah Stacey, artist Callen Thompson, Dr. Alex Carrasco and designer Chris McCray (p.s. I’m a contributor too!)

To learn more about this fun new venture, check out Citygram’s Kickstarter campaign and social media profiles:


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Don’t Open This Blog Post and Walk Away From Your Computer


This weekend I set out to do nothing and that is exactly what I achieved.

I laid in bed until 1 on both Saturday and Sunday, ate lunch with my Texas family and friends, took naps, watched Django Unchained at the dollar theater, strolled Town Lake, played bocce ball and had 100% non-work related conversations with my creative partner (Geoff).

Simple and sweet.

This weekend might not sound particularly noteworthy, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered that these common tasks are often difficult to achieve.

Going freelance has been both creatively fulfilling and mentally debilitating.

At times I’m afraid to stray away from the computer out of fear that I must be “creating” something or being “productive” at all times.

Even before I went freelance, I felt that I had to be “moving forward” every day, otherwise I’d stall.

I’d grow old, miss opportunity and wonder what the hell I did with my life.

Obviously this logic doesn’t bode well for life-work balance.

In Continue Reading

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How to Overcome Writer’s Block With the Help of Social Media

writer's block

I thought that once the film premiered, my creative juices would be flowing like an unbridled river out of every pore in my body.

Boy, was I wrong.

Since the film premiered over nineteen days ago, I’ve felt creatively adrift. Lost in a sea of cerebral noise.

Not only have I had difficulty constructing coherent sentences, the creative gauge has been running on fumes. For the first time in a great while I’ve had absolutely no interest in writing. I barely know what I’m feeling right now, so the ability to express thought, emotion and inspiration into words seems impossible. All the ideas and characters that playfully swim through my head have been snuffed by anxiety and fear. Though I try not to let it, reading the occasional “mixed review” of our film sends me into a spiral of self-doubt. I’d like to think I’m able to handle criticism, but it’s never easy.

Instead of enjoying a creative milestone that I never would have imagined achievable, I’ve been a cantankerous Continue Reading

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How to Not Annoy Bloggers With Your Press Release

public relations

via All Points PR

I’m now a publicist!

Kind of.

I have a secret to share with you: there is no money in independent film and you often have to become your own press agent, cheerleader, champion and drinking buddy.

I’ve been (nervously) sending out press releases for our film Loves Her Gun and I can’t help but feel like a GIANT ASSHOLE every time I hit the “send” button. You see, I receive a fair chunk of press releases for my blog each week and the majority of the time I completely disregard them. If the sender- particularly the actual client and not the publicist- appears to have put effort in their attempts to reach out to me, then I will politely respond with a “thank you for reaching out, but this isn’t a good fit….yada yada blah blah.” If the press release is from a publicist who included me on a mass email with no regard to what my blog is actually about, then I promptly banish them Continue Reading

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I Need Your Blogging Expertise! What Should My New Layout Look Like?

Over a year and a half ago I switched from Blogger to WordPress,  two-column template to magazine layout.

Moving to WordPress was the best decision I ever made for my blog (note to Blogger bloggers: my traffic doubled shortly after I switched to WordPress).

My initial drive to move to the magazine layout was that I was ambitiously planning on posting multiple times in a day. I wanted my blog to become an online zine of sorts, where one could find plenty of posts on Austin lifestyle, fashion, pop culture, etc.

Yeahhhh….that didn’t happen.

Blogging every day is hard. Blogging multiple times a day is really hard.

The zine idea I had was more appropriate for a team of writers and not one pseudo-writer who spends her days holed up on the couch in her sweatpants. I guess if I wanted to take Hipstercrite to that level, I could have, but I kind of just like blogging whatever the hell I want to whenever the hell I want to (i.e. don’t fix something if it ain’t broken).

So….with Continue Reading