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Tips, Tricks and Hacks to Riding the Train

7 Comments 28 January 2015

Over the holidays, I took my sixth domestic train trip. Since my fear of flying creeped on strong about two years ago, my modes of transportation are now the car, the bus and for long distance, the train. (I don’t recommend taking the bus; it can be a sad and disorienting place.) I’ve learned a [...]

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IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Still Wear a Toe Ring

6 Comments 16 January 2015

I bare a secret that is often too embarrassing to share. It is something that I’m not proud of, but it’s a part of who I am, dammit. It is one of my physical imperfections that, over the years, I mostly forget about until that awkward moment arises during intimacy with a boyfriend or yoga [...]

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What to Say and Not Say to Someone with Cancer

1 Comment 15 January 2015

source As many of you know, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer over the holidays. Maneuvering through the early part of Grandma’s cancer journey was a whirlwind- countless doctors’ appointments and medical procedures- but one constant that got us through it was the incredible support from others. The care and concern of our friends and family helped [...]

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Stories of Strangers on the Train: The Christian and his Gay Daughter

No Comments 14 January 2015

I can’t remember how our conversation started, but we talked from 8AM to 10:15AM. He was 60 years old, a truck driver. His daughter bought him his first smartphone, and he asked me if I could download a few apps for him. I was surprised how relaxed he was giving me his phone and personal [...]

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Hearing the words “you have cancer”

2 Comments 03 January 2015

Grandma getting her hair did three days after her diagnosis We heard those terrible, dreadful words- “you have cancer”- on Tuesday. My grandmother, my stoic, indestructible grandmother, was diagnosed with lung cancer. They found it by accident. She had fallen and wanted to see if she fractured her rib. A small shadow on her lung [...]

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What Was the Best Thing That Happened in Austin in 2014?

1 Comment 16 December 2014

As I reflect back on Austin’s 2014, a mix of happy and sad emotions bubble to the surface. Though it was a fun and exciting year in this  snazzy city, Austin had its fair share of heartbreak as well. Austin is feeling the growing pains of being the #1 fastest growing city in America, and [...]

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How Not to be a Starving Artist

No Comments 08 December 2014

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an artist. Whether it was filmmaking, writing, acting or dressing up as deceased Borscht Belt entertainers, I had the bug and I knew I needed to pursue a career in the arts. When you’re a wee one, you have no idea that a career in [...]

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Yesterday a Homeless Man Gave Me Money

3 Comments 13 November 2014

Last night, as I parallel parked my car on West 6th Street, between Hut’s Hamburgers and Whole Foods, a tall, older man dressed in black waved his arms at me, implying that I should back my car up. “A $40 ticket they’ll give you for not being in the lines,” I could hear muffled through [...]

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